Cracking Linux Passwords

Cracking Linux passwords is essentially the same as cracking Windows passwords in the sense that you start by getting the hashes and then you try to find the matching passwords.

But, being completely different operating systems, the tools and procedures also have to be distinct.


Create test users

Use the following command:

sudo adduser [username]

Create users with these passwords:

test1 abc
test2 abcde
test3 password
test4 Alcanena
test5 Pa$$w0rd

Install John the Ripper Password Cracking Tool

John the Ripper is not installed by default in most Linux distros. If you are using Debian/Ubuntu Linux, enter:

sudo apt-get install john

In CentOS, Fedora or Redhat Linux, just use the appropriate package manager

sudo dnf install john


sudo yum install john