Operation Blitzkrieg

Operation Blitzkrieg


Your incomprehensible actions, and your reluctance to accept the Freedom and Equality that every single human being possesses by right from birth, causes the birth to hatred and worldwide Racism.
After the first World War, your ideology plunged the world into chaos. You took over a plague, known as anti-Semitism, and made sure that racism was drilled into our collective consciousness, in order for humanity to accept this crude ideas as given, mostly without ever questioning them.

Your misdirected politics and your hate filled crusade against humanity have not only blurred your perception, but also affected countries worldwide.You have robbed irretrievable evidences of history as well as valuable art objects and architectural structures which belong to mankind, or were part of the cultural heritage of humanity. You were anxious to cause trouble between continents, which involved a collapse of political dialogues. The result, the cold war, lasted for years and its voice still echoes today. The holocaust against the Jewish, the sinti and the roma, your so called "euthanasia" imposed on disabled people, all of them are considered the cruel climax of the Second World War, to a cost of 6.000.000 innocent people's lifes.You have combined the ideals of industrialization with the abomination of mass murder, a circumstance that led to destruction of human life, in a scale never seen before.

All this are known fact,s and yet you are still following and spreading such ideals, in order to enhance the symbolism of this despicable hate further. You are still causing injuries and killing people, people who have that done nothing against you, and yet you do it partly out of disgust or simply for your own personal pleasure.

You intimidate people that go on the streets protest for their ideals, and attack your political opponents, thus you deny them the right of free speech. Yet you hypocritically demand this exact same right of free speech for yourself, and throw the dirt in the form of agitations and "art around you". You attack journalists and the media in general, you attack members of the opposing parties and equally you attack refugees and immigrants, who live and work in your "home country". This people simply had to leave their native countries because of suppression and misery.

This behavior can no longer be tolerated. You have convicted yourself to many crimes against humanity.With this hypocritical attitude and your drive to become a mirror of your inspirational criminals, you have brought the attention of the collective known as Anonymous upon yourself.
In this case, this attention implies the taken of crucial actions against your actions.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect Us.

Operation New Zealand (II)

After the previous initiative, Anonymous are again facing their attention over New Zealand. Watch the video...

We are Anonymous, and we have a message to convey to the New Zealand Government.

Operation New Zealand

Over the past several months, we have observed the situation in New Zealand, regarding the Copyright Amendment Bill with growing concern. From the Department of Internal Affair's July 2009 announcement, that Internet filtering would be introduced nationwide, to the discovery in March 2010 that Internet filtering had been used without the knowledge of the New Zealand public; the gravity of the situation has become clear.

On the 24th of March, we fired our warning shots, though they went unheeded. The Copyright Amendment Bill stands against the basic ideals Anonymous holds true. We believe that a policy in which one is assumed to be guilty before innocent is unlawful and unjust.

We do not believe that one, when accused of copyright infringement, should be questioned by their Internet Service Provider and eligible to pay a fifteen thousand dollar fine, unless proven innocent.
We do not believe that one, when accused of copyright infringement, should be sentenced to six months suspension of internet usage, unless proven innocent.

We do not believe that one, when accused of copyright infringement, shall be called a criminal in the eyes of the government for the simple act of accessing information, unless proven innocent.
We do not believe that a government should overlook a popular vote showing that 89% of it's citizens are against the Copyright Amendment Bill.

For these reasons, on Wednesday the 27th of April at 3pm New Zealand time, we - Anonymous - will stand in support of all New Zealanders. We will stand in defense of human rights worldwide, and we will protest this attack on civil liberties.
New Zealand, you are not alone.

We are Anonymous

We are legion

We do not forgive

We do not forget

Expect us
(poll link: http://www.horizonpoll.co.nz/page/117/89-oppose-ha )

Operation Southern Land

Citizens of the World:

In Times of Trouble We Are Required to Stand As One

The Southern United States needs our help. Now.  We Are All One. Join us as we rise to aid our fellow man in #OpSouthernland, #OpAlabama, and #OpCleanUp. Stand side by side with us to ensure that those who have lost everything are still able to cling to hope. Help Us make them understand that We Care about our fellow man.

The tornadoes arrived in a lightening flash, thousands lost their homes, their families, their possessions. They lost their lives as they once knew them.  The rest of the nation sits idly by holding their collective breath, anxiously awaiting the sporadic tweets coming from friends and families stating that they are safe in a basement somewhere. Sadly, some messages were to remain unanswered and forgotten.

Over 300 tornadoes have torn through the south, leaving unfathomable paths of destruction in their wake. The tornadoes leveled many communities across several states.  Many lives were lost, leaving faith a difficult thing to conceive.

Anonymous asks for your hand in supporting our commitment to offer immediate assistance to all those affected. Anonymous will be there to donate any and all funds possible and to assist with the damages. We will help people rebuild the lives that were ripped from them so suddenly.
Operation Southern Land