Wikileaks founder arrested by British police

The issue of Wikileaks, about which much has been written, should not be considered lightly, so let’s see:
-Who is really behind Mr. Assange?
-To whom it serves all of this mess?
-Who are the sources capable of providing information at this level?
-What are the real effects caused by all this?
In today's world it’s absolutely essential that we ask ourselves about the causes and consequences of all that we hear in the media, from the smallest sound bite to the biggest scandal.
Freedom of expression should not be an absolute value with the authority to impose itself on everyone and everything so blindly, without conscience or remorse.
Freedom of expression?
What is that exactly? What are the limits? Are there any at all?

I confess I have mix feelings on the existence of the site but the question remains: Why now? Who moves in the background of all this giant conspiracy? The site's existence might be disputable but one thing is unquestionable; the world will never be the same again!


Agata said...

Freedom of speech, expression, even thinking? Let me quot the Guardian: "The move against Assange came on a day when increasing pressure was brought to bear in the US on companies and organisations with ties to WikiLeaks." No need to add anything, is there?...

Trimegisto said...

Indeed, we really need to open our eyes and realize once and for all that we are not free but only fed up on an illusion a freedom by the ones manipulation according to their wishes.

Agata said...

"The international pressure on Julian Assange increased today after the banking arm of the Swiss post office announced that it had closed the WikiLeaks founder's account because he had given "false information"....

All about manipulation...
But I still think it´s too strong to say we are not free at all - in certain aspects maybe... You cannot generalize though!